Victor “Steve” Fortner


We lost Steve unexpectedly, on April 10, 2024. He was only 37 years old.

When he was a little boy, he loved typical boy things. Fishing with Dad and Grandpa, camping, snowmobiling, you name it. At the same time, and still as a grown man, he was unapologetically a Momma’s boy. He proudly and undeniably loved his mom. Perhaps the reason he had such a loving, nurturing soul.

Most of the years he worked, was in customer service-where he excelled. He had this unique ability to read a room, and possessed a certain charm that just doesn’t exist anymore—and he knew it. Steve was always aware of his abilities, as he was his flaws. His words were his super power. No one could tell a story like he could. He could make anyone smile, or cry, or have an entire room laughing, regardless of the audience. One thing we know for sure, is our gatherings will never be quite as entertaining.

We will miss how he could make anything funny, we will miss watching the love he had for his girls, as much as seeing them love their daddy. We may even miss hearing about his ridiculously expensive, brand new shoes, that he couldn’t wait to show off.

Something we can be sure of though, is if he were here, he’d be thinking about how much better he could have written this.

We will find comfort knowing he will be taken care of by the ones that left us first. His brother, Larry Johns, his dad, Jeff Fortner, his Grandpa, Larry Fortner, Grandma, Doris Capps, Uncle Mark, and his baby sister, Dottie Jo.

He is survived by his 3 girls, Delilah (15) Ophelia (5) and Astrid (2) his mom, Melody Fortner, sister Acasia (Collin) Wegner, brother Jesse, grandma, Jerilyn Fortner, 2 nephews, Jace and Lachlan, and 4 nieces, Sydney, Mya, Bailey and Charlie.

One thought on “Victor “Steve” Fortner

  1. You will always be a friend and always be remembered ❤️ your wit will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Steve

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