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Celebration of Life Services in Rochester, MN

While experiencing a loss is not easy, many find comfort in using this time to celebrate a person’s life—the connections they made and the lives they touched. We are experienced in hosting celebration of life services that honor the positive impact of a loved one’s life.

What Is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is a service that is unique to each person. Whereas a funeral might normally be composed of a visitation, funeral service, and committal service—each with its own regular components—a “celebration of life” is much more open-ended, and the tone is usually lighter and more active. A life celebration ceremony is a chance for everyone to say goodbye in a way highly personalized to the individual leaving us.

What might that look like? Imagine a service your loved one might want to attend. It could mean reading some of their favorite poems or stories or listening to their favorite music or displaying picture boards or watching clips of their favorite TV shows. It could feature a group motorcycle ride or be based thematically around a favorite activity or a hobby they were passionate about. In many cases it involves good food, drink, and storytelling. What matters is that the service is a gathering of friends and family dedicated to remembering and celebrating the life of the deceased.

Planning a Celebration of Life

Some people prefer the flexibility of a life celebration and some prefer the traditional rituals. We are here to assist the individuals and families with their wishes.

We can make all necessary arrangements with vendors, arrange our chapel and reception areas as needed, and help you make the ceremony meaningful and heartfelt. If you’re struggling to plan something that feels right, just let us know. We can share stories and advice from our years of experience.

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