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Lillian Lee Rose Wolf-Elias (Dawson), age 22, died Monday, June 7, 2021 with her mother Rebecca, her boyfriend Jacob and her aunt Diane by her side at Mayo Clinic Hospital-Rochester, St Marys Campus.

Lilly was born on November 26, 1998 in Rochester, MN to her mother, Rebecca (Engle) Engle-Alire. She attended Rochester Off Campus and ALC. She lived in Byron and Rochester.

Lilly enjoyed life but never in the same spot. She loved going to the Pow Wows. Animals were her favorite thing in the whole world. She loved to hang out with all of her friends, listening to music, driving around in her mom’s jeep and riding her longboard. She was a free spirit and nothing could hold her back.

Lilly is survived by her mother, Rebecca; boyfriend, Jacob; godmother, Brianne; stepfather, Scott; father figure’s, Tom and Ryan; siblings, Jaylinn, Alxander, “Sid” Charles, Bryant, Mickey, Seth, Katie, Tana, Deanna, Brennan; cousins, Damien, William, Nick; aunt, Diane; uncle, Jim; and her community of friends that were like family.

Lilly is preceded in death by her grandmother, Val; grandfather, Tom; step-grandmother, Ann; and father figure, Howard.

A celebration of life will be held from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Monday, June 14, 2021 at Silver Lake Park East Pavilion, 705 Silver Lake Drive, Rochester, Minnesota.

Rochester Cremation Services is assisting the family with arrangements. Memories and condolences of Lilly may be shared at

10 thoughts on “Lillian Wolf-Elias

  1. She will be deeply missed and there will be a huge void missing in my heart she was taken way to soon from this earth im so sorry for ur loss and my prayers are with ur family

  2. Lili will be greatly missed. Young at heart but am old soul. I will always remember the the time we were stuck up at peasely Park and all she could tell me is that it will all be ok, we just have to breath and relax. She could always bring a smile to your face. She will be forever and greatly missed.

  3. Sadly we never got to mend our past , but I will forever miss you , I’m grateful I had you as a friend for the time we had together with ava

  4. Lilly will be missed by many people. I sadly wasn’t there for her in the end, but back then, our friendship was like no other. I will always remember the special times we’ve spent together. When I cried, she was always there to comfort me and tell me it will be okay. I’m going to miss you so much.

  5. Lills was an awesome person she had a kindred heart and free spirit she will be missed so very much. She was a true warrior steadfast and true. Every challenge she was given no matter how hard she always came out with her sweet smile on her face. Lilly may you continue your journey’s with your special angelic glow.

  6. Lilly was a sweet girl and will be missed by many. I met her when she walked up to me in a park to pet my car Mr. Muffin, after that she would often ask to “borrow” him for a while and I always let her.
    Muffin past away last Christmas, so she can still hang out with him whenever she wants.
    He loved her also.

  7. Lilly I miss you so bad I wish I could have seen you one last time you will forever be missed

  8. I never got to meet her but she sounded like an amazing person and I would’ve loved to get to know her I’ll see you up there when it’s my time big sis❤️

  9. To Lillian’s family & friends,
    She was a dear person to me. We struck up a friendship, oddly enough, when I asked her friend out. She intervened to help her nervous friend say ‘No, thanks,” to the offer… but it was only the beginning.

    My offer emboldened three other gentlemen to ask that SAME, even more nervous, friend out. Lilly and myself talking between everyone… we were in the middle, this time I was there. She was Committed, Determined, and Cared SO MUCH about this friend. All her friends meant the world to her, myself lucky to be penciled in… on that short list.

    I’ll spare you the details; however the guys got talked to, sorted out. But we continued to talk every now and then. She loved two things for sure… fashion… and music. Both of which this out of touch guy didn’t understand… but her face lit up with each song or ‘check out the shoes’. Although, I suspect we could put KFC on that list, as well. Which is good.

    Lilly’s friend wasn’t wrong to say “No, thanks.” to all four of us. I asked her out in the food line at the shelter she worked at, she was serving (the three other guys I mentioned, listening). My life is better now. I’m a combat vet and had a breakdown due to combat trauma. I now council others here in Rochester. Just turned out that way, plan to do it always now. Lilly had a part in that.

    We weren’t bestie, not even close. I miss her all the same, those quick chats. She did become a part of my approach to being a good councilor, it is my hope. I ask myself when deal with a vet who’s a real jerk or some goof from the VA….

    Internal dialog… “Dan, is it going to be said you weren’t Committed, Determined, and Cared SO MUCH about this friend {or, fill in the blank} that you didn’t give it EVERYTHING you have?”, just like Lilly did for her friend, to face four wood-be suitors… I mean imagine what a train-wreck she walked into.

    Lilly, I miss you, kiddo. Heaven’s lucky to have you sweetie.

    My Warmest Regards,
    Dan McVicker

  10. To Lilly and family:
    It breaks my heart writing this , as it does many others . Lilly was so sweet . I known her for a long time . . I remember the first time we met , she had freckles and her blue eyes blew me away . And ever sense then , over the years life happened. I remember she found me and wrote me to apologize and I instantly forgave her . And me and her wrote back and forth talking about our dreams , and passions . She was full of life , and she has the sweetest heart . I remember, the last thing i ever said to her . I know life is hard out there right now . But you have the courage and strength to get through it . And im not gonna be home for awhile but i want u to know that i love you . And u do belong . Your worthy . And I remember jus listening to her on the phone crying, and telling her we can get through this , and everything will be ok . Jus hang in there .
    And she told me she loved me , and then we had to go .

    It makes me so sad that i couldnt say goodbye to her for the last time . I was in a place where i wasnt able to leave . And it broke me . Still hurts me to this day. I crave conversations with her .
    To look into her eyes , anyway. I love you Lilly and you will forever be missed and always have a place in my heart .

    Love and respect,
    Adam urban

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