Lawrence “Larry” Yenter

Lawrence (Larry) Yenter, passed into heaven Sunday, November 8, 2020. Larry died at his home in Rochester.

Larry was born on January 28, 1967 in Coon Rapids, MN to Eugene and Carole (Spivey) Yenter. Larry was an employee of Mayo Clinic for 30 years, enjoying his co-workers companionship. Larry was a 1985 graduate of Peterson High School and attended Waseca Community College. Larry graduated from St. Marys School of Licensed Practical Nursing, Rochester, MN in 1991. He was a member of First Baptist Church, Preston, MN. He attended Victory Baptist Church and Fellowship his last three years of life. The kindness and prayers of these two churches were a great encouragement to Larry.

Larry is survived by his mother and father, Carole and Gene Yenter; his brothers, Paul (Lori) Yenter of Tampa, FL, Dan Yenter of Mpls, MN; his sisters, Cheryl Yenter (David Briars) of Glenview, IL, Virginia (Bill) Yenter Yanowsky of San Jose, CA, Ruth Yenter of Maui, HI; nephew, John Yenter; nieces, Sara Yenter, Emma Yanowsky, Gwen Yenter, and Sheridan Yenter.

The care and dignity Larry received through all the staff at Mayo Hospital was sustaining perfection. Larry received care through Mayo Hospital for 29 years. He thanks you for your gentle, respectful expertise. He thanks Dr. Lisa Beck for her never giving up on Larry.

A time for a memorial service will be announced in the future.

In lieu of flowers memorials are preferred to cancer research for Mayo Foundation. Link:  Mayo Clinic Cancer – Research

Larry said this Bible verse Saturday, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life.” He leaves Gods promise with you.

Rochester Cremation Services is assisting the family with arrangements. Memories and condolences of Larry may be shared at

25 thoughts on “Lawrence “Larry” Yenter

  1. Rest In Peace Larry. It is comforting to know that you are Now with your savior and WALKING with him. Your positive attitude and desire to work, your witty e-mails and your friendship will always be an inspiration for me.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Larry for approximately 18 years and will always admire his strength and courage and wonderful sense of humor! He will be greatly missed by many. God’s Blessings to Larry and his family.

  3. Losing a friend and classmate brings tears to my eyes. This has been a rough year for us all. The PHS Class of 1985 celebrated 35 yrs this year. We were unable to have a Class Reunion. Larry I will miss your smile, your quick wit, and your ability to live life to the fullest with all that you had going on in life. I am sending much love, prayer and hugs to the entire Yenter family! We lost a good one! May he rest in peace and be free from the burdens that the solid body held for him His soul is free and happy!
    Your friend and classmate,

  4. Our sympathies to the Yenter family. Whenever I would see Larry he was always smiling. Thoughts & prayers.

  5. I also had the great privilege of working with Larry and truly admired his strength and love of life and most of all his great wit he had. He always sent humorous emails which always brought a smile or laugh and brightened our days, I will miss him and his great humor, wit and charm he had and shared with us. Rest in Peace Larry.

  6. I feel so lucky to have known Larry and I will miss him greatly. My sympathies to his family. Any day that I saw him was a good day as he always made me smile and his example will always stay with me. May angels lead you in, Larry.

  7. I had the pleasure to work with Larry in the same division for the past v20 years and every time that I talked with Larry I walked with a different perspective on life. He was an inspiration to so many in the work place and beyond. The ongoing banter we had back n forth on the Gophers and Hawkeyes football teams was always enjoyable. God has chosen an outstanding member for his team in heaven that we have all learned so much from. Prayers and thoughts with the Yenter family. Rest in Peace Larry,

  8. I was Larry’s first nurse manager. Larry was excellent with his patient care. He also had a hidden talent of being able to draw. You always knew his assignment sheets – had artistically drawn motorcycles! Had the opportunity to see him around Mayo with his beautiful smile.❤️ My sympathy to his family – you lost an amazing son.

  9. Larry was my friend for 30+ years. For more years than I can remember, Larry would roll in to his desk next to mine. I would say “Mornin Larry” and he would respond “Hello, how are you”. He was the most generous, gracious and courageous individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  10. Larry was my brother, we laughed, we fought and shared our dreams growing up. He was quick to smile and never held a grudge. After the accident Larry showed that he had more courage and fight than anyone could have ever asked from anyone. To live the life he did and still care so much about us was a blessing we took for granted. We will never no how much he suffered because he didn’t complain he just soldiered on.
    I hope now Larry you can rise up with wings like eagles and run and not be weary

  11. He was the nicest bully in school. Always calling me “preacher kid.” Because I wouldn’t swear. He wasn’t a bully at all. I remember his kindness to me when most guys his age were annoyed with my antics.

    I saw him in Rochester a year ago give or take and he still called me by my nick name.

    Thank you for leaving an impression on me, your kindness, smile will never be forgotten.

    Sorry to all the family especially, Ruth, Dan, and Virginia.

  12. Larry’s life and legacy is an inspiration to us all to live for the Lord! His impact is a gift, and he will be missed by all who knew him. Until Heaven Larry❤️

  13. Larry and my brother were best friends growing up at our church and I was always jealous because of how lucky my brother was to be friends with someone that cool and funny. They picked on me as most older kids do to the younger, but always in good taste. I looked up to him even after I grew up and he was in his chair. He was always that cool guy to me.

    Last Memorial Day (May 2020), while following through with our annual tradition of paying our respects at my father’s paver at Soldier’s Field Memorial in Rochester with my family, I ran into Larry there. I hadn’t seen him for awhile, or very often for that matter, and certainly didn’t talk very long the last time I did see him. I grabbed his hand and shook it out of habit, then apologized because I realized with Covid that I shouldn’t do that…he smirked and said he had been through worse. We chuckled. I sat down on the bench that happened to be right behind me and we talked for quite awhile. I never once thought to myself I should get going (because that’s how I normally feel when I run into someone I know and my family is with me but aren’t familiar with the person). In hindsight it was the longest and best conversation I’d ever had with him. It was sunny, beautiful and fun.
    That is the last memory I will have of Larry and I don’t think I could sum him up any better. He was sunny, beautiful and fun.

  14. Larry was a silent giant. He was always quietly thinking and had a wisecrack ready at a moment’s notice. He bore the long time of his unfortunate disability with grace and patience. He had a ready smile and was ready for adventure. In fact, he was the impetus for many of mom and dad’s small and large trips.

    One of my favorite memories is of recent times when we would gather as a family in Preston with our respective spouses, grandkids, and pets for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Larry would come into the kitchen to supervise the major feast preparation and make jokes and comments as we scurried around the kitchen. He was the best pie baker among us; he could make a mean order to HyVee or Bakers Square. 🙂

    He and Dad always had some sort of project going and the two of them were great “partners in crime.” So many of these lovely reflections about Larry mention his smile and laugh. His quiet smile and twinkling eyes were the first things I thought of when trying to summarize my brother’s life in a few short sentences.
    I will miss your ready smile and little chuckle, Larry!
    Much love,
    (your older sister, always remember that!)

  15. Larry was my brother-in-law, and I will miss him dearly. We had such lively times together. Three memorable adventures stand out: 1) Our invasion of Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs, 2) Taking Soldier Field by storm to watch the sainted Hawkeyes, and 3) Slipping into the Allstate Arena to watch the Chicago Wolves play. Besides the big adventures, it is the little things that stand out in my mind. I will miss sitting around the dining room table in Preston, sharing sections of the Rochester Post Bulletin with each other, and pontificating upon what we were reading. “If the world would only listen to us…” Even an ordinary drive somewhere with Larry was fun, as he noticed all the interesting things along the way: cars with issues, trucks with power, fields in good shape,… I will always be gratefully for Larry welcoming me into the Yenter family, and his kidding me: “You didn’t know what you were getting into, did you Dave?” Larry Yenter was an extraordinarily accepting person, who left the world a much better place then how he found it.

  16. I had the privilege of working with Larry for several years at Mayo. He was such a wonderful person. Soft spoken but very intelligent, witty and just a very enjoyable person and friend to be around.

  17. The strong silent type… a cliche’ to be sure. In Larry’s case, however, “if the shoe fits”. Larry’s strength was legendary, strength of body and strength of spirit. He could crush a can w/ his head and didn’t let a car best him. He was always ready for a fight: with me, to defend me, to defend his friends, to succeed, to be happy… to live. His ability to crack a joke was venerable and his wit was always sharp and quick. He was such a big part of our family and we will miss him terribly. His love of science fiction and reading meant that he spent literally hours with his nose in a book, saying nothing. But just when you thought he wasn’t paying attention, he would zing in with a sarcastic quip that would have us all laughing and/or rolling our eyes. I will remember him as the strong big brother who was always getting into mischief. His laughs and adventures with Dad and his friends are unforgettable, and the stories he would weave when sharing them captivating. I am so thankful for the past 30 “extra” years that we got to share with him, because he was so strong and so silent. I know he battled through pain and frustration and rarely said a word about it. In the end, he was strong enough to know that it was time to give up the fight. Rest in peace Larry, and know that you are loved. I miss you – and I am thankful for all that you did and gave to our family. “Bye Bye and Buy Bonds” <3 🙂 <3

  18. Lawerence Gene Yenter is and was my awesome older brother. When i was very young i marveled at the crazy army games he played with my cousin, his strength while working on the farm, and his brilliance at practical jokes. He was imposing on the football field but also on stage playing the villian in a way that was both funny and frightening. i was so impressed and i adored him. His wit and sense of humor blessed me when as a young child i was interviewed for the paper because they said “Larry’s sister will give us good material!” He helped me grow up by expecting me to be strong and showing me how to do it while laughing and being his own person.
    We were all very proud of Larry when he graduated form highschool and then nursing school at St. Marys. He had a job lined up at Mayo and his future seemed secure. His paralyzing accident occured soon after and brought up many uncertianties. He came through the long coma with his excelent intelligent head on his shoulders but his body in very limited mobility. After rehabilitation; where he learned to feed himself and become a licenced driver of his own van he joined Mayo’s workforce as an accountant. He continued to show up for work and friends with the same good humor and generous (he is the best gift giver i know) spirit. His consitently positive attitudewon him friends and admirers. He touched the lives of so many with his continual choice to show up, never complain, and do what he could do to be part of life, ro contribute. He is a hero of perservearance, herculeanly strong in his ability to recover from illness and loss abd then show up in a good way. I was again amazed by his strength and humbled and warmed by his humor.
    Those qualities: strength, humor, generosity touched the lives and hearts everyone who knew him. His friends, coworkers, family, health care providers and neighbors remember him as one whos inner strength would bolster up their own.
    i had the good fortune to witness the way that Larrys neighbors share food and care and even space with each other. (Larry took down his back yard fence so that the children could play there). It is rare in this day and age to see people checking in and caring for people the way that Larrys neighbors do. He created the space for that connection to happen. He shared first and started a domino effect if sustaining connection.
    Larry had a lot to complain about and plenty of chances to give up but he chose to use his breath to plan for the future and be present with those around him. A true hero for life. He never spoke of these things, he just embodied them. Simple, humble, but truly great by being those things. i remain his proud and amazed little sister. I marvel at the inner strength he powered through each day with, his generosity both of spirit and actual gift giving.
    It brings me peace to know that i am certin that he knows that i love him and that his soul is with God. I am proud of my big brother Lawerence Gene Yenter and will miss his awesome presence and all that he brings to the table. I am glad that he will not have to suffer pain in his body any longer and that he is home with God now. Through faith and love we remain together. And love is stronger then death. I love you very much Lawerence Gene Yenter and am a better person for knowing you. Thank you

  19. Larry,
    We will miss you dearly. Your humor and laugh, smile, and energy will always be remembered with a smile. I hope that you are happy and healthy where ever you are now. you will forever be in our hearts.
    Lots of love,

  20. Larry will be dearly missed as a son, a brother, and an Uncle. His wit and sense of humor always lit up the room, and got the family roused in the best of ways. I will greatly miss that smile and engaging banter.
    Miss you Uncle Larry

  21. Measuring success in life is not about the final position we end up in or of acquiring
    earthly things, success is about overcoming the obstacles that we are presented
    with and my brother Larry concorded more obstacles than most of us could ever
    imagine. When overcoming challenges Larry did it without a complaint, not just
    without complaining but with a smile on his face and a joke to go along. His
    positivity is something we will all remember and strive to possess his
    optimistic outlook.

    not only taught all of us how to gracefully overcome adversity, but he also left
    a footprint on this world that we will all cherish in our hearts and memories. I
    will miss his strong will and sharp wit. I will never forget the sheer joy of
    taking my first motorcycle ride with my brother Larry. He leaves a hog hole in
    all our hearts. Especially in the heart of my father, Gene YENTER. Larry and my
    father are not just family, they are close friends and confidantes. They both
    have always been able to make an intense situation lighter with their effortless
    comedic approach to the hard things in life. They have been living examples of
    bringing light into the dark and I will admire this forever.

    reminds me to be grateful, to be strong, and to face whatever life throughs at
    me. I will miss my big brother Larry, but I am at ease knowing that he’s
    comfortable now.

  22. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Larry, but his sister Cheryl and I were friends as college freshmen. I remember vividly how Cheryl talked about her loving family. I’m so sorry for your heartbreaking loss, but I’m sure you are there for each other now and always. Take special care of each other!

  23. Dear Gene and Carol Yenter and family…..My/our hearts aches for you as you grieve this huge loss in your family. My heart is also peaceful in knowing that your strong faith will sustain you through this loss in your lives. My eyes filled with tears of gratitude for the life of your son, brother, uncle, as I read these beautiful remembrances. What a treasure. Some of us music people from The College of St. Teresa continue to connect with Cheryl and have kept up with how Larry is doing. He has certainly been in our prayers over these years, as have you all. Thank you for your witness as a family and as parents. Be gentle on yourselves as you journey through these times. Know of our prayers for all of you. And know that we CSTers, dear friends of Cheryl, are also connected to you and your pain through her. We collectively sent a memorial to Mayo in Memory/Honor of Larry as you requested because it’s the only tangible thing we can do at this time to share with you in this grief and time of loss.

    May the peace of Christ that passes understanding be with you as you move through these days.
    The CST crew. Sr. Lalonde, Marcia, Brenda, Mary R., MarySue and Rosine

  24. Mr. & Mrs. Yenter, Paul, Cheryl, Ginny, Ruth and Danny,
    My heart is so saddened to hear of Larry’s passing. I will forever remember Larry from church every Sunday, VBS week each summer and countless amazing Sunday’s at your home hanging out and eating chicken and dumplings! I thank God, even if they were brief moments, for the times later on in our adult lives when I was able to see Larry. He always had a smile on his face!
    You know when people say, “I bet he is up in Heaven watching down at us”? Well, this time I truly believe Larry is one of those people. He is walking hand and hand with the Lord!
    Rest in Peace my friend.
    Rachel (Fishbaugher) Becker

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