Adam Joseph Jewell

Adam Joseph Jewell, age 41, of Rochester, MN passed away on February 7, 2021.

Adam was a one of a kind dude. The Bundo! He loved his family, friends and everyone who was part of his life. He loved being around people. He had an infectious laugh and loved giving hugs. He lived a very happy life and was such a fun guy to be around. Say hi to Dad.

To everyone who cared for Adam throughout his life, thank you! Although Adam required care, people didn’t just care for him because he needed it.  People cared for Adam because he was fun to be around.

He is survived by his mother; Linda; stepfather, Alan; 3 brothers, Joshua, Jeremy and Ari; grandmother, Barbara; many aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and step-brothers.

Adam will be laid to rest with his father, Michael, at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  A celebration of life will be planned at a later date.

Rochester Cremation Services is assisting the family with arrangements. Memories and condolences of Adam may be shared at

15 thoughts on “Adam Joseph Jewell

  1. Adam will be greatly missed! He had a twinkle in his eye that made me smile. I’m glad I could get to know him and am sorry he’s gone.
    He did love greatly and gave some awesome hugs.

  2. Adam is a amazing friend to me ! He will be missed by his family. I really miss his happiness and his energy ! I miss the most of him giving me big hugs. I am really sorry for your loss of Adam

  3. Mike and Adam will be part of my life forever sending my love and hugs and kisses to the wonderful amazing and special in my heart to be with them more than ever always forever and give them my comfort and strength and hope and when I see light is bright I will think of you and Adam will be missed by everyone he knows and especially is brother who care about him deeply and I will miss you and my favorite brother will be in my heart forever and I want to cry because I want to say I love you and you will be my guardian angel in my spirit with my dad and I love you all Rest In Peace

  4. Adam and mike will be in our hearts to give them comfort and strength and hope when I see the light is bright I will think of you in my heart and I want to to cry because I want to say I love you and you will be my favorite brother and Adam will be deeply missed by everyone he loves with hugs and kisses and you will be my guardian angel forever and you are the best brother I have in many many years together when we were kids and your voice and smile will bring to bring us together and especially your brother will be by your side forever more than ever and I love being your brother you will be missed and sy hi to dad for me Rest In Peace

  5. Linda, Alan, Joshua, Jeremy, and Ari,
    I am so very sorry on the loss of your beloved son and brother. His joyful spirit will be greatly missed.
    When I heard of his death I was deeply saddened and sought relief while penning this poem. I share only with the hope it might bring your family comfort.

    An Ode to a Jewell
    Adam, when I think of Adam,I think of love.
    Joy, happiness, excitement.
    He was so anxious to grasp and love another.
    He was accepting and welcoming to all people.
    He was the living image of the original Adam upon seeing Eve.
    “Here at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” (Gen2:23)
    He recognized our shared humanity and wanted to embrace, love, and enjoy all people.

    My deepest condolences.

  6. Jewell Family…Our hearts were broken to hear of the passing of Adam.Linda and Adam were the first to welcome us to the neighborhood almost forty years ago. Your family has become very special to us over the years.We will miss Adams big smile and his loving happy soul.God Bless Adam and his loving family.Sending love and prayers The Farlow Family

  7. So sorry for the loss of Adam. It seems he blessed your lives, and you all blessed his. God Bless.

  8. God bless each and everyone of you. We thank God for the life of Adam Jewell. His purpose and impact shall not be forgotten.

  9. Linda, Al, and Boys~
    I am deeply sorry for your loss! Adam and I go way back (feeling old here). We spent so much time together at your house, my apartment, and going on adventurous (sometimes challenging ) outings! To this day, I can recite any of the lines from Star Wars thanks to repeated (like thousands and thousands) showings while watching it with Adam! He was also quite fond of the car wash and loved visiting the farm with me. Adam was always full of surprises and challenges that kept me/us (family) on our toes. ~ Know I am thinking of you all~ Jill

  10. Linda~ and family,
    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss of your son Adam. And altho’ I didn’t know him the comments from his friends and brother just say how much happiness and sunshine he did bring into all of your lives. It is never easy to lose a child, no matter the circumstances or the age, I am so deeply sorry for your loss and I hope that the heartache that you feel now, will someday be replaced with sunshine and give you peace. May his life be a blessing upon you.
    Cheri (Sperling) Heidel

  11. Josh- I’am very very sorry for your loss of a great brother! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    Love Always,
    Your Friend Kallie

  12. Sometimes, someone you hold dear in your heart loses someone dear in their heart. The sorrow felt is both for the beautiful soul that has moved onto a journey beyond our communication capabilities currently, and for the grieving beautiful soul existing uet in this realm… a heavy weight to carry for them that we wish and hope in someway, could lessen that weight. Maybe it is more an offering of cool water on a hot day, where the day remains hot, but in someway they understand that you care, that you Love them… inturn Loving all whom they Love.
    Peace and Love to All

  13. Hi josh I’m so very sorry to hear about Adam I really liked him very much he always love hugging me I’ll miss his hug so much I know all of u will get pass this hard sad tough time I know you’ll all miss him so much I got to know him very well in tap and dances my prayers are with u all I’ll think about u josh an Adam very much I’m so sorry again for your lose josh I wish would like me. I liked u always

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